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Big Trouble in Little China ( 1986 )

Big Trouble in Little China ( 1986 )

Starring: Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, Dennis Dun

Director: John Carpenter

Script: Gary Goldman, David Z. Weinstein

When a truck driver Jak Burton ( Kurt Russell ) wins a gambling game he will have to go to hell and meet an ancient warlord to claim his money... and to save the world at the same time!

Ok. So the way I've described above sounds probably even better than the movie actually looks.
But... You have to believe ( if You still haven't watched it yet ) that it's really hard to tell what the whole thing is about.
But... incase You'd like to resign from watching yet already do not be afraid. IT'S WORTH IT.
It has a lot of good stuff in it. And it has Kurt Russel and beautifull Kim Cattrall as well.
And there are martial arts. And some gunfights as well. And a bit of comedy. And a bit o kitsch. Lots and lots of kitsch to be honest by this is a good kind of kitsch, the one You enjoy.
Using other words, this one o…

Overboard ( 1987 )

Overboard ( 1987 )

Starring: Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell

Director: Garry Marshall

Script: Leslie Dixon

Genre: romantic comedy


When a poor carpenter ( Kurt Russell ) gets ripped off by a rich lady ( Goldie Hawn ) and then ( literally! ) thrown out by her, he will use every chance to have his personal vendetta!
So when in a suprising twist she loses her memory and he's the only one around who knows who the really is... he decides to fool everyone and her especially... by claiming her to be his lost wife!... and so to have his sweet revenge!


Ok. I know that it might sound somewhat creepy the way I told this story, but it's not... well maybe it is a bit... if You give it a second thought ;)
It's just hard to pick those few best words to describe what this show is all about and not give everything away.
Perhaps I've already given away even too much, as Goldie's and Kurt's movies are one of those very f…


My Blue Heaven (1990)

Starring: Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, Joan Cusack

Directed by: Herbert Ross ( that guy from 'Footloose' )

Script: Nora Ephron ( that lady from 'When Harry met Sally' )

A 10000 $ suit mobster from New York ( Steve Martin ) is forced to move into a tiny quiet pisshole somewhere in California after taking part in the witness protection program.
Bored by his new life and way too accustomed to his past activities he will do everything to change this place into a city "worth" living in... and the uptight FBI guardsman ( Rick Moranis ) go mad at the same time!    

To Watch it or Not... This is a Question!
WATCH I'd say. It's not as good as it could be, but still worth Your time, and not just once!

It has some flaws and some strong points.
Surprisingly, even to myself, one of the worst thing in it is... Rick Moranis! A great comedy actor, one of my big favorites to say more, is just clearly in the wrong place and doesn&#…

80s comedies are the best... or are they not?

Greetings fellow 80s fans!
So, it seems to me that You wanna watch something fun from the 80s eh?
Been searching and searching, and watching and watching and You still can't get enough of those funny flicks from Your favorite decade right?
Well, me too!
As I'm still watching new stuff, rewatching old stuff, and going trough some very odly stuff.
So to help You decide what to watch, and what NOT TO WATCH, to give You a few recommendations and hints on some great titles You've never heard of, I've decide to create this simple blog, where I'll be reviewing comedy flick from 80s I'll get me hands on.
So, let's get started.
And have fun, both reading and watching! :)