A fine mess (1986)

Starring: Ted Danson,  Howie Mandel

Directed by: Blake Edwards ( badly underpayed, forced to direct it or impersonated by someone )

Script by: a total weirdo

I don't know. I don't care. I didn't get the story during the first 20 minutes or more, and then decided to turn if off.


If You're a die hard Ted Danson fan or Howie Mandel fan You can try.
But seriously, it's madness, it's totally out of any sense. With acting, with story, with dialogue, with pacing and so on.

I'm very much into the 80s, fashion, cars, hair styles and so on, so I tend to get trough a lot of bad movies... but... I didn't try to get trough this one.

What I did like were the ladies. Some real beauties. But I was even more surprised then to learn that it's hard to find who's playing them!
Seriously! There this fine lady, with some dialogue, doing a scene with Ted Danson, a sex scene in some way, and... there's no info about her. Because the creators gave dialogue to so many people, but they didn't even manage to properly name them and so to credit them!

I often have this thing that I stop the movie to quickly learn the name of an actor or actress, that I've seen somewhere or I really like by appearance... and I usually get some info on him/her pretty quickly.
Even with some really bad B/C/D/E class of movie.
But not with this one, I went trough the credit list dozens of times, and still coulnd't find who played some of those characters.

I hope that they at least did pay those actors some good money.

And that they had some good time during the filming.

Cause I didn't have a good time watching it, and I'm not trying to sit trough it ever again.