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Real Men (1987)

Real Men (1987)

Starring: James Belushi, John Ritter

Written and Directed by: Dennis Feldman

When a person crucial to a save-the-world mission gets killed, a CIA agent ( James Belushi ) must escort his lookalike ( John Ritter ) from one coast of the United States to another, in order to make a a deal... with Aliens.



It's totally weird, it looks cheap, and makes no sense, but at the same time things that make it so unconvential make it original and watchable as well.

The script is totally crazy, I don't think anyone cared to think it over while writitng or greenlighting it's production. It's more like a kid's story, child play's scenario made on the spot.

But it's surprisingly funny, even if it's stupid at some many times.

It's strong point is the cast, and the characters. James Belushi and John Ritter play very well together, and their roles are surprisinly likeable, ane believable too.

I must admit, I didn't lik…

Date with an Angel (1987)

Date with an Angel (1987)

Starring: Michael E. Knight, Phoebe Cates, Emmanuelle Beart

Directed and written by: Tom McLoughlin

A soon-to-be married fellow finds an injured angel in his pool.



It's not a laugh-out-loud type of a comedy, most of the gags that were probably supposed to be funny do not work, and it's not even a well made movie... though it's still watchable because of all the Angel scenes... and Phoebe Cates!

Without those two - beaituful blonde-haired Emmanuelle Beart and suprisingly comedy-skiller Phoebe, this movie woulnd't make any sense.

I didn't care much about the main hero, he was a pretty nice fellow, with a big heart, but I didn't find anything special about this performance.
Same with his collegues who were supposed to bring the laughing moments because of their stupidity and craziness... or at least I guess so.

But even if they failed to bring anything good to the movie, the angel itself resuces it for them.


Hero at Large (1980)

Hero at Large (1980)

Starring: John Ritter, Anne Archer

Directed by: Martin Davidson

Scripy by: AJ Carothers

When a struggling actor beats a bunch of thugs while still wearing his superhero costume, he becomes a sensation and inspiration for the entire city of New York.



It's surprisingly sweet.

It's not a laugh-out-laud type of a comedy. I can't remember any laugs actually, but it's more like a feel-good type of the movie. You smile all the time, because you enjoy the story and because it's characters are very very likeable and you care about their life.

The movie itself looks kind of old and cheap, as it is more like a 70s movie, than 80s movie really, and I guess it story wouln't do well if it was shot today.

But since it was filmed BEFORE the whole superhero movie boom it actually does a pretty good job.

The story itself is somewhat unbelievable, and I'm not sure if hero's relationship with the "chick" is believa…

Money Pit (1986)

Money Pit (1986)

Starring: Tom Hanks, Shelley Long, Alexander Godunov

Directed by: Richard Benjamin

Script: David Giller

A loving New York couple is suddenly forced to move out of their place and find a new home. Knowing that it's almost impossible to find any means of housing in the city, they decide to buy a mantion outside the town. But what seems like an occasion of a life time, with time proves that it's definitely worth the little amount of money they've paid for it... or that it's worth even less. They decide to put their money into it and turn it into their dream house anyway... but will their love and relationship withstand their never ending problems? And so... will the house still stand after that? ;)


Yes and No, depending on what kind of mood do You seek to get by watching the comedy.
It's pretty much sweet actually, with it's beninning, and the ending... but I do believe that the comedy's main purpose IS to give la…

A fine mess (1986)

Starring: Ted Danson,  Howie Mandel

Directed by: Blake Edwards ( badly underpayed, forced to direct it or impersonated by someone )

Script by: a total weirdo

I don't know. I don't care. I didn't get the story during the first 20 minutes or more, and then decided to turn if off.


If You're a die hard Ted Danson fan or Howie Mandel fan You can try.
But seriously, it's madness, it's totally out of any sense. With acting, with story, with dialogue, with pacing and so on.

I'm very much into the 80s, fashion, cars, hair styles and so on, so I tend to get trough a lot of bad movies... but... I didn't try to get trough this one.

What I did like were the ladies. Some real beauties. But I was even more surprised then to learn that it's hard to find who's playing them!
Seriously! There this fine lady, with some dialogue, doing a scene with Ted Danson, a sex scene in some way, and... there's no info about her. Because th…

Deal of the Century (1983)

Starring: Chevy Chase, Sigourney Weaver, Gregory Hines

Director: Bud Yorkin

A group of arm dealers tries to sell weapons to a dictator.


It depends.

If You are a die-hard Chevy Chase fan, or 80s fun, sure. You can have it.

But... if You're simply looking for a comedy and laughs You should avoid it. It's unfunny, there's are NO LAUGHS.

It's supposed to be a comedy. But it's really not. Who ever knows what this movie is, and is about, and what was the reason it was made should get a Noble prize.

It's main problem and only problem is the story.

It's totally uninteresting. You won't care about the characters and what's going on. There's no comedy, no drama, no real goals to follows.
There's scenes that are probably supposed to be funny, but they don't really work.

On the other hand...

It has good actors and GOOD ACTING.

It's pretty well directed at most times ( excluding scenes of air fights and some…

Revenge of the Nerds ( 1984 )

Genre: comedy, sex comedy

Director: Jeff Kanew

Script: few perverted guys

Starring: Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Ted McGinley, Bernie Casey

As two friends become students their hopes for knowledge, romance and good living conditions are crushed by a gang of university's sportsmen, who do not respect anyone but themselves and constantly bully the other.
With the rest of those outcasted and called NERDS, two friends don't give up and seek a way to gain respect, to get revenge and... women of course! :)


It depends:

-  if You love the 80s - YES.
- if You want to watch a good comedy - NO.

There's really just a lot of pervertion in it but nothing funny.
There's a lot of laughs, but it's more because it's just so stupid it's funny. You know.

I'm really dissaponited with this one. I've heard about it many times, and thought it would be fun, a real classic, but it's not, it's very overrated,

It has some nice characters and casting…