Hero at Large (1980)

Hero at Large (1980)

Starring: John Ritter, Anne Archer

Directed by: Martin Davidson

Scripy by: AJ Carothers

When a struggling actor beats a bunch of thugs while still wearing his superhero costume, he becomes a sensation and inspiration for the entire city of New York.



It's surprisingly sweet.

It's not a laugh-out-laud type of a comedy. I can't remember any laugs actually, but it's more like a feel-good type of the movie. You smile all the time, because you enjoy the story and because it's characters are very very likeable and you care about their life.

The movie itself looks kind of old and cheap, as it is more like a 70s movie, than 80s movie really, and I guess it story wouln't do well if it was shot today.

But since it was filmed BEFORE the whole superhero movie boom it actually does a pretty good job.

The story itself is somewhat unbelievable, and I'm not sure if hero's relationship with the "chick" is believable too, but it suprisingly REAL when it comes to people involved.

The cape and the costume here is just an excuse to tell a movie about every days stuggle that we all have, that poor actors have, about dreams, hopes, and failures, about success and about compromitation, about ups and downs in all relationships.

I really did like the character and his struggles, outside and inside. John Ritter is not acting, he IS character. Absolutely fantastic job. I liked Anne Archer very much as well. I'm not convinced about her falling in love with the main hero, she seemed to be a type of woman interested in different type of a man, And she even says that in the movie! But I'm happy it worked for them out.

And it's what good movies are all about, about caring for those characters who are supposed to make us like them.

And I must warn You... there is NO FLYING in this movie. Their not a lot of superhero'ing around the town. Fighting crime here plays a minor role. It's more about the person behind the cape, about whether he even wants to wear the cape and the hero.

So it's very inteligent actually. It's not that believable, well, not today at least. But I guess late 70s/ early 80s were a different world, and people in colorful and campy costumes could be applaued by the crowds back then :)

And, it works for me too. Even though I prefer all those Marvel Universe fellows saving the world.

I'm surely gonna return to this movie sooner or later. And I can't wait to see something as nice with John Ritter or Anne Archer in it :)