Date with an Angel (1987)

Date with an Angel (1987)

Starring: Michael E. Knight, Phoebe Cates, Emmanuelle Beart

Directed and written by: Tom McLoughlin

A soon-to-be married fellow finds an injured angel in his pool.



It's not a laugh-out-loud type of a comedy, most of the gags that were probably supposed to be funny do not work, and it's not even a well made movie... though it's still watchable because of all the Angel scenes... and Phoebe Cates!

Without those two - beaituful blonde-haired Emmanuelle Beart and suprisingly comedy-skiller Phoebe, this movie woulnd't make any sense.

I didn't care much about the main hero, he was a pretty nice fellow, with a big heart, but I didn't find anything special about this performance.
Same with his collegues who were supposed to bring the laughing moments because of their stupidity and craziness... or at least I guess so.

But even if they failed to bring anything good to the movie, the angel itself resuces it for them.

Seriously, it looks almost like if the angel part of the movie was done and directed by a different deparment.
Those moments are full of magic and everything the cinema is supposed to be.

Emmanuelle Beart will catch Your attention, win Your heart, so You will start to melt down. A true beatuy and a very well acted role. If I'd be in situation where an angel would knock to my door, and even take me, I would probably prefer her to do the job ;)

And there is Phoebe Cates. She still her moments totally! The girl that is supposed to be just pretty, is doing a one good hell of a job as a comedian. And her mooments are those that create more laughs.

So. To sum things up...

I'm not sure if I'm ever gonna return to it egain. But I still don't regret watching it.

It's not inspirational, it's forgettable, even if some moments catch attention, like when we learn about the REASON the angel came to see the hero in the first place.
It's really somewhat shocking and logical at the same time.

So it's still something You can enjoy during a sunday afternoon, if there's nothing better on Your list.