Real Men (1987)

Real Men (1987)

Starring: James Belushi, John Ritter

Written and Directed by: Dennis Feldman

When a person crucial to a save-the-world mission gets killed, a CIA agent ( James Belushi ) must escort his lookalike ( John Ritter ) from one coast of the United States to another, in order to make a a deal... with Aliens.



It's totally weird, it looks cheap, and makes no sense, but at the same time things that make it so unconvential make it original and watchable as well.

The script is totally crazy, I don't think anyone cared to think it over while writitng or greenlighting it's production. It's more like a kid's story, child play's scenario made on the spot.

But it's surprisingly funny, even if it's stupid at some many times.

It's strong point is the cast, and the characters. James Belushi and John Ritter play very well together, and their roles are surprisinly likeable, ane believable too.

I must admit, I didn't like the way Belushi's character threated Ritter at the beginning. I thought that he was way too hursh for him, punching him those few time, when he could simply just stop him.

But I did like Ritter's transformation. It's probably the greatest thing about this movie, watching when an everyday man becomes more of a hero and a tough guy, than the agent who's supposed to do all the job for the of them.

I'm not sure if it needed this kind of ending though, when a simple guy, after he becomes a tough guy, beats the hell out of his former bullies.

It suggests that everyday people are weak, and should be tougher, and use force to defend themselfes.

I think this kind a message is unnecessary as it's impossible for all of us to become so tough and defendable, and actually getting into fights like those at the end could even cause more troubles and more damage to the one defending...  

It surely did work well for the hero, but cinema is a different world than the real world, let's not forget about that.