Strange Brew aka 'The Adventures of Bob & Douc McKenzie: Strange Brew' (1983)

Director: Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas

Written by: few obviously intoxicated guys ( among them those above and another one )

Starring: Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Paul Dooley, Max von Sydow, Lynne Griffin

Two canadian brother are sent on a mission to buy a beer for their dad. Since they don't have any money they are forced to go directly to the Brevery to try get some % for free. There, they are suddenly thrown into a world-wide crisis, when it appears that the Brevery not only produces beer, but madmen obsessed with controlling the world as well!



It so crazy at the beginning, that I've turned it off few times. Then as I tried again, I suddenly realized that that after the silly crazy unfunny beginning something begins to happen, with a potential for a nice story... but then again!... it goes crazy and silly again.

I mean, the idea itself sounds ok. Two idiots with a silly mission, with beer being the most important thing in their life, must save the world and become heroes.
And, even though I don't really like beer myself, I was eager to watch it.
But, then again, they've ruined the whole thing.

I don't get that. Two good comedians, at least one great one - Rick Moranis - and yet they focus more on silly crazy stuff than real story and gags or dialogue.

And all that star wars-hockey thing. I didn't get that. I don't understand that what was that supposed to mean, why did they even bother to throw it into the movie.

The movie itself, from what I've read, is based on some popular TV chacaters and I guess some stuff from the show was borrowed by the movie. It would be obvious to do so. So maybe the star wars-hockey was in the show as well. Did it even work in the show? I don't know. But it clearly didn't work in the movie.

So... I've turned it off again, this time for good. I'm not giving this flick another chance. Even for Rick Moranis.